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Since I photograph active again I'm also active in some photo communities. Picasa, Flickr or Flickr, just to name a few.

Some time ago I had commented on a Flickr image that I find the picture well. The photographer had thanked and asked to write what in his image / images was not good.

Oops ... He had caught me. The request was new. And I just did not know how to deal with it. I have long subdued me for an answer. Then I decided to ignore the request. Why?

Do not comment on every picture

I can not to any image, in which I have something to complain write something. Then I would comment the whole day long. It feels like 99% of all images I see daily are scrap. What should I write to these pictures? As Otto Steinert, "This is shit?" "Why?" "Think about it. Tell me tomorrow." When I do so the number of followers I can count on one hand. On the other hand I would see less bad pictures.

Sunset, Gülper See

Common taste

Unfortunately, in online communities it's difficult to find out whether a picture is good or not. It can only be found out if it meets a certain, generally accepted taste.

To determine this the first thing is the number of views. All major vendors measure this and publish the numbers. The view requires the least interaction and engagement with an image. Next level of appreciation is liken or plussen or whatever the function is named. It is a bit more than the view, requires at least one extra click. Then comes the comment. It requires the most complex interaction (words on the keyboard typing, lifetime donate) and is has accordingly much value. Some communities offer additionally a sharing function. This is then the crowning, because in most cases I share, because I like the picture.

Using indicators to enter directly in the microstock photography

However, use all these indicators with caution. Looking on it leads to 99% boring images and goes directly into the microstock photography. Such images comes up preferred at 500px. They are shallow eye candy seen quickly, quickly forget pop of an image. Really exciting these images are only for the operators of 500px.


I take pictures first and foremost for me. I'm in the luxury mode to not live off of photography. Therefore, I need not restrict myself, does not have to look on views, likes and comments. I can make the images that I like. And if they then also please others, then that's fine for me and my ego.

Berlin, Wedding

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