SpeexX Pebble extensions

This project contains some extensions to the Pebble weblog project of Simon Brown. In a first release there comes an latin like characterset title permalink provider which extends Simons own TitlePermalinkProvider .

Since release 0.2.0 the extensions comes with a simple decorator to hide rejected responses (comments and trackbacks). The decorator is less restricted than Pebbles build in HideUnapprovedResponsesDecorator .

See Installation and Configuration for more information.

To build the project you must have a maven environment. Cause Pebbles core archive is still not hosted at Ibiblio.org, you must download the Pebble destribution from Sourceforge (Version 1.7.1), unpack the archive and then unzip the Pebble webarchive in the pebble-weblog subdirectory. Create a directory called pebble in the local maven repository and a subdirectory jars to that directory. Copy the file WEB-INF/lib/pebble.jar to that new created directory and rename the file to pebble-1.7.1.jar.

The version 1.7.1 is the lowest version of Pebble which is supported.